Hotel/Restaurant Parking

Hotels and restaurants are a competitive marketplace. It is essential that facilities be clean, safe, and comfortable. We understand that this involves managing numerous maintenance projects on a tight schedule. Routine maintenance is essential on heavily traveled parking lots and walkways in order to provide a clear and safe path. Preventative parking lot maintenance also keeps parking areas in top condition, which enhances the overall impression of the property.

With more than 40 years of experience in helping hotels and restaurants manage the maintenance and repair of their parking lots, M & S Paving And Sealing delivers cost-effective results that improve longevity and appearance of parking lots and maximize traffic flow, thus saving facility managers valuable time and money.

By performing the right repairs and the right time, hotels or restaurants can continue to operate safely and ensure repeat business. It is especially important in these industries to be proactive with maintenance rather than reactive after damage occurs. We can help identify parking lot defects and make timely repairs before further damage or safety concerns arise. With a Pavement Management Planning (PMP) there are no surprises. We take the time to assess your facility and prioritize all repairs and maintenance. Using a PMP, facilities can work within their budgets to accomplish all repairs and maintenance on a prioritized schedule. Work can be scheduled and completed in stages so that access to the property remains open during the entire procedure. Routine parking lot maintenance projects a positive image and enhances overall customer satisfaction.