With much of their economic resources going to staffing and training, parking lots may not be an educational institution’s top priority. A maintenance plan from M & S Paving And Sealing can help educational facilities budget to do repairs and maintenance on a prioritized schedule over a period of time.

A fresh surface can transform the look of a school or university. We can assess your parking areas to prevent further damage or safety issues, and develop a plan for routine maintenance that maximizes time and money. The end result is parking areas that provide smooth and safe travel while also projecting a positive image of the facility.

Planning, Scheduling, & Safety

Educational facilities need to be clean, safe, and well-maintained at all times. At M & S Paving And Sealing, we can work with your educational facility to create a project timeline meets your specific needs. We perform on-site evaluations of parking areas and can educate facility managers on how to spot warning signs of pavement failure. By planning ahead and scheduling routine maintenance, schools and universities can revitalize from the ground up. This, in turn, creates a safer environment more conducive to learning and celebrating school pride.