Condominiums/Homeowners Associations


One of the first things you notice in condominiums and other homeowners associations is how well the exterior is maintained. A well-maintained community creates safe atmosphere that attracts new tenants as well as keeping current residents happy.

With more than 40 years of experience helping community associations manage the maintenance and repair of communal parking lots, streets, and walkways, our site estimators can offer effective maintenance and repair plans to prevent damages and keep the community safe. M & S Paving And Sealing offers cost-effective solutions that protect an asphalt or concrete investment, as well as creates a positive impression that extends beyond the surface.

Expectations & Planning

We understand that property managers and often board members are handling numerous projects simultaneously. Your time is valuable and we understand that. M & S Paving and Sealing can suggest a proper maintenance or capital planning plan, prioritizing repairs and maintenance needs and creating a timeline to complete projects that allows property managers/ board members to work within their budget.

With over 40 years of experience working for homeowner associations, we understand the expectations, concerns, and needs during a capital paving or pavement maintenance project. We will provide a detailed work schedule individual to each association, and will stick to it. We will assist the property manager or condo board with a clear plan with the understanding we are given the task of completing as scheduled and getting things back to normal as quickly as possible.

With our recommended planning, property managers/ boards can budget well in advance for services providing greater control over maintenance expenses. We will schedule and complete work in stages so that access to the property or neighborhood remains open during the entire process. The end result is a well-maintained parking area, street, and/or walkway that meets or exceeds community expectations.