M & S Paving And Sealing has an efficient and high-quality process to help retail facility professionals manage and prioritize maintenance on parking lots. Parking lots are one of the most essential elements of a retail store or shopping center. We have a proven track record of working with retail facility professionals on parking lot projects; an essential element to any store, shopping center, or strip mall. Our parking lot management solutions deliver cost-effective results that improve the longevity of high traffic retail parking lots and make great impressions on customers and employees.

Accurate planning and scheduling is essential to protect your asphalt or concrete investment. We offer Pavement Management Planning (PMP) to help retail facilities identify defects and safety concerns and then prioritize repairs over a specified period of time. With this process, facility mangers can budget well in advance for services and maintenance. We recommend taking a proactive approach to maintain parking lots, rather than dealing with accidents and/or liabilities after the damage has occurred. M & S Paving And Sealing can schedule and complete work in stages so that access to the facility remains open during the entire procedure.