Pavement Management

M & S Paving And Sealing implements Pavement Management Plans (PMP) for many of our customers. Taking a proactive approach to maintaining your facility can effectively reduce potential liabilities and safety issues. Our pavement maintenance planning process provides planning for routine maintenance rather than dealing with damage after it happens. A PMP is a powerful technique that not only stretches maintenance dollars, but it also operates based on the principle that the timing of the repair is as important as the repair procedure.

Long Term Approach

Pavement management planning is long-term approach to optimize pavement maintenance that ties together various options in one plan based on your budget. We can use several maintenance procedures together, resulting in an extended life for your paved surfaces.

M & S Paving And Sealing will assess your facility and recommend different types of maintenance procedures. These procedures range from minor routine maintenance to total reconstruction depending on pavement condition. Each procedure used in PMP has an associated cost, pavement condition improvement level, and life cycle.


Site Inspection

We conduct a physical inventory of each parking lot, giving particular consideration to areas of vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow, entrances and exits, drainage, islands, delivery zones, and dumpsters.


The consulting phases of the PMP identifies the pavement condition of each section of your parking lot. We will provide detailed information regarding the pavement issues and recommend repairs that are ranked from the most to least cost-effective repair.

Strategy Evaluation

Our strategy evaluation will provide maintenance and repair alternatives to fit your unique needs and timeline. Based on the rehabilitation and maintenance strategies, we can determine future pavement condition and associated costs to reach your outcome. Strategies are further adapted according to goals and funding unique to each property.

Operate the System

In this phase of the PMP, we work with you on scheduling your maintenance and repair work. We also outline priorities based on your desired budget. Services and rehabilitation procedures are then performed as scheduled.

Monitor Effectiveness

Once your PMP is in place, we continue to collect data that is updated on an annual basis, monitoring that strategies are producing desired and predicted results. At any point during the plan, we can adjust strategies to meet your specific needs.