The process of reclaiming your asphalt

Did you know asphalt is one of the most recycled materials in the world? In fact over 90% of the worlds asphalt is re-used. That’s over 100 million tons of asphalt each year! How does it get re-used you ask? By a reclaimer of course!

Side view of a reclaimer

This machine is a vital part of the process that goes into paving your roadway, parking lot, or anything with asphalt. In the drum on the left side are a bunch of teeth that grind up the asphalt, this allows the new layer of asphalt to have a solid base that will increase the life span of it and make it stronger. 

Reclaimer Teeth

Reclaiming doesn’t mean you don’t receive a fully re-paved surface, you do! We still bring in new asphalt from the asphalt plants and place it down in two layers.  The difference with reclaiming is that we grind up your old pavement (you already paid for that years ago) and use it as EXTRA base material.  A road is only as strong as its base!