Signs for when you should replace your catch basin

Picture of a Catch Basin

Catch basins are crucial to the longevity of your asphalt, whether it be on roads or in parking lots. They help prevent pooling of liquid on the asphalt as well as getting rid of small debris that would otherwise clutter the street. It’s easy to overlook them as a pedestrian but when you are managing a parking lot catch basin placement and upkeep is of utmost importance. Here are some signs that you should repair or replace your catch basin:

1) Tripping Hazard

A simple sign is if people are tripping over it! It is not a good look if people are struggling to walk in your parking lot and the problem should be remedied quickly. Furthermore, if the cause of the tripping comes from the catch basin being raised, then it will not be properly draining the liquid in the parking lot.

2) Sinking Catch Basin

A sinking catch basin is a clear sign that you need to repair it as soon as possible. It could mean that it has a sinkhole problem that will only get worse with time. Sinkholes form when water get’s leaked under the earth and carry loose dirt away.  Click here for a more detailed explanation.

3) Age

As with anything after a while the catch basin will start to become older and more weathered. Some may develop cracks or little holes in them which may lead into another sink hole problem. It’s important to regularly check the catch basin to see if there may be any issue with it.